About Us

We believe solar is the technology of the future. So we do our part to support it. Slowly but certainly it will change the way we generate electricity.

Our Purpose

To bring solar energy to a grid parity level in most of the countries of the world that have an irradiation level of 1400 MWh/sqm or above (for ex: most of Central and Southern Europe).

We strive to achieve our purpose by optimizing the cost of production of materials, the cost of construction and the cost of financing to a level hard to match in the industry.

Our Values


We offer trust to our partners and clients and we value the trust we receive back.Do the right thing, value a relationship above money and be always transparent – these are our core values.

    Growth is the way to go.

We believe we must grow fast enough to become a relevant player in the industry.


As the industry will always be competitive, we create value through innovation in all key points of our production chain. Starting with components optimization to building own production lines and finishing with complex financing structures and low cost financial solutions.

When did we start?

Alpin Group has started early in the solar industry. In 2003 the company was performing mostly installation works for more established EPC companies.

In its pursuit for continuous growth, the group has evolved into a major EPC company, vertically integrated. In 2012, the company has incorporated in a separate entity with the help of SunFarming GmbH, with the sole purpose of becoming a global IPP (independent power producer).

1 GWp

The goal of the company is to reach 1 GWp under its direct ownership by 2017. For this reason the company has secured more then 850 MWp in RTB projects as of end of 2015.


SUNfarming currently holds a portfolio of 40 MW operational plants, being a respected producer of renewable energy in Germany and Romania.

Following the European trend of expanding the interest in renewable energy in Europe, in 2012, an international construction division broke away from the SUNfarming Company to become a stand-alone business known today as the Alpin Sun GmbH. Alpin Sun has experienced a strong growth in recent years by following several stages of development. Starting with assembling plants and, later, encompassing the design and supply of equipment – the so-called turnkey EPC projects.

The next step towards the ascension of Alpin SUN was embedding project development activities and, later, the operation and maintenance of photovoltaic plants. Since its debut, Alpin SUN has completed more than 220 PV plants in Italy, Belgium, Germany and Romania. The most representative projects were conducted between 2012 and 2014 in Germany and Romania totaling 140 MW: utility scale projects with installed capacities of 1.5 MW up to 50 MW. Some of these projects were sold to investors, along with the EPC contracts, which constitutes a part of working basis of the company and a good source of equity while the other projects remain in the active portfolio of the group. In order to stream-line the operations, the Romanian company Alpin Solar SA was founded, taking over the Engineering and Construction activities, having over 100 employees, while the German branch still remains responsible for Procurement and International Contracts.

Its own developed projects are carried out through project companies (SPV), according to the local legislation, regulations related to the establishment and operation of electricity producers and specific commercial usage. At the moment, 15 companies are integrated in the group project in different countries around the globe.

Alpin SUN deals also with energy production. In 2013, Alpin SUN projects were worth over 140 million euros. The group strategy aims to strengthen the energy producers’ position in Europe, but also to achieve international expansion in South America (especially Chile and Mexico), the US and Europe (Spain and UK). The business model adopted in each country will be the same as the one successfully applied in Germany and Romania. This business model follows two directions: EPC contractor and Own Investments (BOT and BOO).

Shareholder Statement:

The current generation has the unique opportunity - and the obligation - to position our energy system on sustainable pillars. Leaving a clean environment to our children and grandchildren is our duty. The employees and shareholders of Alpin SUN feel compelled to observe this responsibility. With every newly installed photovoltaic plant we come a small step closer to our goal of making renewable energy the key source of energy supply.

We are convinced that every photovoltaic plant that currently delivers electricity to the grid is the independent energy supply for its immediate vicinity in the future. In order to optimize the use of solar electricity by the consumer we are positioning our plants nearby the end user.

At Alpin, we work to make the world a better place to live while encouraging collaboration, innovation sharing, responsible use of resources and sustainable business as a legacy for our children. We are committed to our goal to build a photovoltaic plant in every place of the world.