Turn Key EPC

Businessmen, Industrialists or financial investors have chosen to work with us due to innovation, performance, low risk and high quality. These attributes are found in each plant that we build. As such, EPC Alpin SUN is providing the following services:

The company has a task force of 140 full time employees with 6+ years of experience in the PV industry and over 1000 temporary workers which can be assigned on a project by project basis.


Like any new industry, the PV has seen difficulties in raising financing. Alpin SUN is giving this issue its undivided attention. Starting from 2012, Alpin SUN is able to provide financing to the PV industry by several means:

Long Term Financing - Designed to be a tool for the long term investors, the financing is done in USD and it requires approximately 30% Equity ratio. The minimum amount per project is 10 mil USD and the maximum amount is 300 mil USD. The total amount of debt per year cannot exceed 2 Bn USD. The term of the loan is usually 10 years long. Qualification for this type of financing is done by providing:

Short term financing (Bridge Financing) - This method is used when the client does not have sufficient funds to sustain the cash flow of the construction or when a long term financing is in place but the condition of the put-in-function protocol of the PV plant is not met. Alpin SUN can offer short term financing raging from 6 and up to 12 months. The minimum amount is 10 mil USD and the maximum amount is 10 Bn USD.

Export Credit Financing - Being long term, this option can be used in conjunction with German, Swedish or Norwegian banks and the condition that has to be met is that the products must be sourced from one of the country banks. Currently Alpin SUN has well established partners in Sweden and Norway. This option requires a managing bank in the destination country therefore the client is preferred to be well known and he should have a good reputation with the specified bank. The minimum country risk rating that is acceptable for such a financing option is a S&P BBB or above.

Operation and management

As a fully integrated provider, Alpin SUN is offering the full range of services for the whole life of the PV plant. The main services post construction are: