Research & Development

Low Cost Tracker System (LCTS)

In an effort to increase the yield of the next generation of power plants Alpin SUN is working on a tracking system that will be 70% more cost efficient than the current 1 and 2 axis tracker systems.

According to the latest studies, the tracker system improves the yield of a PV plant by as much as 40% in good solar irradiance map, therefore a reduction in cost associated with an improvement in the production will be a game changer in the near future.

The system consists of a non-concrete foundation for the base of the tracker and just one DC motor for each MWp installed thus reducing the steel quantity and the motor costs for each MWp installed.

Yield management by mirrors

In an effort to retrofit existing PV plants in order to increase their energy output without increasing their maximum peak power, Aplin SUN is experimenting with the use of mirrors.

The mirrors are put in a face-by-face position with the panels and increase the irradiance that falls on the cell. Currently Alpin SUN is trying to solve the heat problems generated by this technique.

So far in our current experiments we were able to generate as much as 30% more energy of the same system with just a 10% increase in overall costs.

Alpin SUN is currently starting a full 2 MWp experiment on one of its own PV plants as proof of concept on a commercial scale.